by Jesse Mendoza

Okay, here we go. I’ve had lots of ideas for this site, but primarily I’m looking forward to writing about the many things I love, like outdoor gear reviews, gadget reviews, running, and, well, life in general. I’m not a professional writer by any means, but I do enjoy writing about things I’m passionate about – and hopefully help others in the process.

I’ve actually had a blog since 2007. It spun off to me writing about local bands in the form of a music webzine, that spun off to doing a local TV cable show, which spun off to me hosting a radio show for 7 years. I even had a side job writing for a mobile technology site for a while.

Running has been a big part of my life since running my first 5K race in 2007. You’ll probably read a lot about my running adventures on this site. I hope that through this journey I inspire people to never be afraid to seek the unknown, to open your mind to believing you are greater than what you think you are, and to know that failure is an opportunity for learning and not simply an excuse to throw up your arms and not move forward with your dreams.

Thanks for visiting!

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