My Thoughts On The New 2018 11-in. iPad Pro And Why I Returned It

by Jesse Mendoza

I’ve been an Apple iPad user since the 1st generation iPad was released back in 2010. I love this thing. I use it every day from reading news, playing games, photo and video editing, and writing.

It’s pretty much with me everywhere I go.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when the most recent version was announced back in late October. I picked up the new 11-inch iPad Pro soon after in the hopes of replacing my current 2017 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

All the good stuff:

The new 2018 11-inch iPad Pro is a gorgeous device. I currently own the 2017 10.5-inch WiFi/cellular iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio folding case. The 2018 iPad Pro is roughly the same size and is just a snidge heavier.

Apple got rid of the home button/fingerprint sensor and added Face ID, which allows you to unlock the iPad by just staring at the thing. It’s great. And secure.

Also gone is the headphone port and the lightning connector for charging, and they’ve added a USB-C connector, which allows you to connect all kinds of gadgets to it, like a monitor, cameras, headphones (with adapter), and of course to charge it.

Its claim to fame this time around is the screen now goes closer to the edge all the way around, removing the 1 inch bezels of the 10.5-inch iPad that housed the Home button and the camera. It’s a supremely gorgeous display.

The all aluminum finish gives it the heft of a quality device. I’ll be up front and say this is the best tablet out there – hands down.

The new Apple Pencil now charges wirelessly by simply placing it one side of the iPad. A strong magnet keeps it in place and it begins charging right away. It takes a really good shake to knock the pencil off.

I also purchased the Smart Keyboard Folio case. I own the similar case for my 10.5-inch iPad and really enjoy using it. The keyboard case for the new 11-inch iPad protects the back of the tablet, unlike the older model. It adds weight to the entire package, but having the extra protection along the back of the iPad is a plus.

All the bad stuff:

The total cost for this new setup – the 11 inch wifi iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Apple Smart Keyboard Folio case – is close to $1,300.00. That is one hefty price to pay for a tablet, especially when for close to the same price you can take home the newest MacBook Pro and go full in on a laptop.

None of the newer iPad Pro accessories work with the older iPad’s, so I’m stuck not being able to use the new stuff with my old 10.5-inch iPad, and that really stinks.

Besides the accessories, I found a lot of the apps I use on a regular basis hadn’t been updated to fit the larger screen size of the 11-inch iPad. It was an annoying quirk.

So annoying, in fact, that I ended up returning it.

Bottom line:

I found it hard to justify the price of the new iPad considering my 10.5-inch iPad works just fine for me. That’s not to say I won’t buy the new iPad later, but I don’t mind waiting.

Yes, I can probably sell my current iPad setup to make up the price for the newest model, but I just don’t want to go through that trouble right now.

My older 10.5 inch iPad works great and that’s the way I like it.

Photos by Jesse Mendoza