My Favorite Amazon Gift Picks For Runners – 2018 Edition

by Jesse Mendoza

The holiday’s are here! For the runner that seems to have everything, there is always something that’s missing. If you’re struggling to find that last minute gift idea, hopefully I can help.

I had a pretty big year of training and running in 2018 with some rather lofty goals. I’ve accumulated all kinds of gear. A lot of this gear was junk, but there are a few select items I’ll end up using for years to come.

For this list I went through some of the gear I purchased through Amazon. Most of these purchases wound up being my all time favorites. Most of those I have listed here have four or more stars in their reviews.

If you’re looking for that last minute gift to get your favorite runner (or yourself!), hopefully this list will help. All of the items here are listed as still arriving before Christmas as of Dec. 16 (some item sizes may not be available).

1. Goal Zero Flip 10 Portable Phone Charger

Goal Zero is known for their expansive catalog of portable power chargers. The Flip 10 is the smaller of their portable chargers. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or a running belt. At 2,600mAh, it can charge your phone or GPS watch in a hurry.

Hot Tip: This discounted 2X Dock Kit comes with two Flip 10 chargers and an included charging station.

2. Lifeproof FRE Series Waterproof Case for iPhone X

I’ve owned Lifeproof cases as far back as the iPhone 6. You just can’t beat them for the utmost protection for your phone. Dunk this case in water, mud, sand, or any other slimy element to keep your phone clean and working on the run. It can get rather bulky to carry around, but when the weather turns on you unexpectedly, you’ll be thankful your phone is cozied up in this thing.

Hot Tip: The Lifeproof FRE cases are offered for select phones, so it may help to know the model of phone ahead of time before ordering.

3. Nathan Vaporkrar Waistpack

I highlighted this waist belt in this post as one of my favorite discoveries of 2018. It’s a piece of gear I don’t leave the house without when I’m going on a quick run. I can carry my phone and a few select items like a packable jacket or some nutrition. I really enjoy how minimal it is and fits snug enough where it doesn’t bounce around on a run.

Hot Tip: The front zip pocket on the Vaporkrar is stretchy enough to fit bulkier phone cases like the Lifeproof case I highlight in item #2 above. A huge plus in my book.

4. Silk Wallet Slayer Wallet Case for iPhone

The 2nd case selection on this list has become my every day phone case. Although not as rugged as the Lifeproof case above, this great case includes a slot for two to three credit cards. Raised edges around the screen and camera hole along with “Air Pocket Corners” offers great drop protection while being slim enough to slip in a front pocket.

Hot Tip: This is a great case to throw a credit card in for that quick stop at the grocery store or favorite breakfast stop after a workout!

5. Catalyst Waterproof Silicone Apple AirPods Case

If you know the runner you’re gifting to owns Apple AirPods, this AirPods case from Catalyst is a great way to keep the charging case handy on the run. It also offers waterproof protection. I purchased this case back in March of this year and it’s still holding up great.

Hot Tip: A great gift for a person that spends a lot of time listening to AirPods doing outdoor activities such as running, biking, or hiking… or has that accidental dunk in the pool as this case offers IP67 protection in up to 3 feet of water (I personally have not tested this).

6. 2Toms SportShield Anti-Chafe Towlettes

I can’t say enough good things about 2Tom’s when it comes to keeping, uhm, “important” body parts chafe and blister free. I’ll use the roll-on version to lube up before a run, but the towlettes I feature here are great to carry along in a pocket or waist pack to lube up on the go. It’s waterproof, sweat proof, and goes on clear and is fragrance-free.

Hot Tip: Individual packets make for great stocking stuffers without the mess of a leaky roll on (I found the roll on’s tend to leak).

7. Marchway Waterproof 10L Drybag

Yes, a standard, run-of-the-mill back pack works great as a way to hold and transport running gear, but it probably won’t keep things clean and dry when that downpour happens. That’s where a good dry bag comes in. These Marchway bags are great to hand in to gear check or use as drop bags for longer ultra races.

Hot Tip: These Marchway bags offer a handy shoulder strap for easy transport. Also great for anyone who loves being around water.

8. Lermende Waterproof Travel Shoe Bags

I personally travel around with 3 to 4 different pairs of road and trail shoes and these bags are excellent for keeping them organized while at the same time keeping the dirt, mud and snow they accumulate from making a mess in a car, bag, or luggage.

Pro Tip: These Lermende bags have a see-through section on the upper side allowing you to see what shoe is inside without having to unzip the bag. I love this feature.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that earn me a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think my readers will find useful.