Sunday Favorites #1

by Jesse Mendoza


Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend – This is Conan’s new podcast which debuted on November 18, 2018 with Will Ferrell as his first guest. I’ve been a fan of Conan’s for a long time and have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. It has had me in stitches since the first episode.

(via Earwolf)

On Topic with Renato Mariotti – Renato is a former prosecutor and current CNN analyst. Renato and co-host Patty Vasquez effortlessly breaking down the latest craziness coming out of Washington D.C. for us normal folk. It’s honest and to the point. I’ve learned a lot since I started listening.

Humans of UltraRunning – Host Candice Burt does a great job interviewing ultra running’s biggest stars. When she interviews her guests it’s like hearing two close friends talking ultra running. It makes for great listening on a long run.

(via HOU)

MultiTimer for iOS

It started with needing to find a timer app for my Apple Watch that would let me know when the coffee in my stove top percolator was done. After a quick search, I landed on this beautiful timer app by PersApps.

It works across multiple iOS devices and allows you to set all kinds of timers. The app will ping my Apple Watch when a timer is done. Why not just use the built in iPhone timer? Boooring…

(via PersApps)

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

I received the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker as a Christmas gift and have been really enjoying it. I’ve only had to charge it once since opening it shortly after Christmas. It’s waterproof, portable, and you can double the fun by connecting it to another Wonderboom for multi-room use. Oh, and it SOUNDS great. I’m in love.

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