Video: Frozen Gnome 10K/50K trail course run

by Jesse Mendoza

Come along with me as I run the Frozen Gnome 10K/50K trail race that was held on 1/12/19. This was to be my first ultra of the year, but let’s just say this winter hasn’t been the kindest in regards to getting some time out on the trails.

Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun at the ‘gnome! The 6.3 mile loop is crazy challenging and serves as a nice kick in the pants as I begin chasing that 100 mile again this spring.

Thanks to Ornery Mule Racing and course director Jeff Lenard for putting on a great race!


Oh, by the way, this was filmed entirely on the DJI Osmo Pocket. See my review here

Come along as I run the annual Frozen Gnome 10K/50K trail run through beautiful Veteran Acres Park in Crystal Lake, IL. The race was held on 1/12/19. This is the course from start to finish squeezed into 15 minutes of video. Run time: 14 min. 52 secs.