Sunday Favorites #2

by Jesse Mendoza

Chafon 4 in 1 charging cord

For a person like me who has a mess of charging cables lying around for as many gadgets as I own, this all-in-one charging cable by Chafon is a must have.

The Chafon 4-in-1 4 ft. Charging Cord combines one USB-C connector, micro-USB connector, and 2 lightning connectors allowing you to charge 4 (!!) devices at one time.

No more birds nest in the gadget drawer!

Kindle Oasis

I made a New Years resolution for 2019 to read more. I’ve owned a Kindle for many years, but I’ve struggled to make the time to sit down and actually READ. I hope to change that this year.

I’ve been really enjoying my Kindle more these days.

Currently reading: Reborn on the Run: My Journey from Addiction to Ultramarathons by Catra Corbett.

Shown with magnetic cover

What I’m geeking over at the Consumer Electronics Show

My first visit to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (a.k.a gadget heaven) was an expenses paid trip courtesy of the tech blog I was writing for at the time.

Since then I’ve kept an eye out for all of the shiny new gadgets that companies are hoping to put in the hands of shoppers in the coming year.

CES wrapped up this past week. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mophie Juice Pack Access battery case: This is Mophie’s new wireless battery case for the iPhone. Simply slide the iPhone in and it begins charging without any plugs or wires to worry about. Even the case itself can be charged wirelessly. Want!

via Mophie

Otterbox + PopSocket Symmetry Series iPhone case: I’ve always thought of PopSockets as a kid thing, but this upcoming case by Otterbox with an integrated PopSocket makes a lot of sense – and I kind of like it. Pop it out to keep a hold of the phone during a running selfie, then pop it back in and put it back in my waist belt. I like it. It even won a Runner’s World Editors Choice Award!

What do you think? Too gimmicky?

LG Signature OLED TV R9 – 4K HDR Smart TV – 65″: How about a TV that just rolls up and tucks back into its own speaker system? And then roll it back up to entertain your guests? I don’t NEED a roll up TV, but I WANT a roll up TV…

I mean, check this thing out:

via LG

Races I’ve registered for so far

January for me means day dreaming of what will go on my race calendar this year. I’m most excited about giving the 100 mile distance another shot, and I’m looking forward to racing old favorites with a few new races I’ve yet to take on. I’m hoping to match last years success…

Here’s what’s on my list so far:

  • F3 Half Marathon, Chicago 1/26/19
  • Ozark Foothills 50K, Wildwood, MO 4/6/19
  • Mohican Trail Marathon, Loudonville, OH 6/15/19
  • Cry Me A River 50K, Chillicothe, IL 7/6/19
  • 50 mile goes here
  • Marquette 50K, Marquette, MI 8/17
  • Superior Trail 100 mile, Lutsen, MO. 9/6/19 (waiting on lottery)
  • OR… No Business 100 mile, Stearnes, KY 10/12 (depending on Superior lottery result)

In case you missed it, I ran a couple of loops of the Frozen Gnome 10K/50K this past weekend.

Check it out:

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